We believe Movement is Life!

3D Motion Analysis: With a sophisticated 3D Markerless Motion Capture program our physical therapists can analyze your movement patterns for squatting, walking and running.

3D Motion Analysis

We can help with posture and sport specific movements to determine biomechanical issues and return you back to your highest level of performance and function. We also evaluate your shoes and/or orthotics and determine the best fit for your foot type to avoid further pain. We will provide you with a full written up analysis explaining all the findings and include a shoe list specific to your needs.

Runners!...  We now have the ability to gather data to demonstrate your cadence on each leg, power on each leg and stride length with biofeedback.  Coming back from injury? Let’s test you out and make sure your strength and range of motion are back to 100%! Call now to sign up for your gait analysis.



Yes, gait analysis is included in your physical therapy coverage. If you do not have health insurance, please contact our office for self-pay rates.

Shorts and a T-shirt, dress shoes, running/walking shoes and orthotics (if you have them). Please do not apply lotion to your legs prior to your gait analysis.